A Whole House Filter is a smart way for you to protect your home and family, and make other Water Treatment equipment work better.

American Water Technologies carries a wide range of filters to treat different problems:

Carbon Filter: Chlorine will oxidize and damage rubber seals in appliances and plumbing fixtures. Chlorine will even break down the resin inside a Water Softener – reducing efficiency and lifespan. Carbon is a perfect media to remove chlorine. A Carbon Filter is also effective at removing organic chemicals from your water. Both chlorine and organic chemicals easily absorb through skin during baths and showers. This makes a Whole House Carbon Filter a great way to protect your home and family.

Multimedia Filter: Some Montana well water can have high levels of sediment, dirt, and debris. As you can imagine, sand and dirt are not good things to run through your appliances. A Backwashing Multimedia Filter will catch particles down to 20 microns in size to help clean up your water. For even finer filtration, you can use a Cartridge Filter, but it will require more frequent service.

Tannin Filter: If you’ve ever seen what drinking tea or coffee does to teeth, you’ve seen the effects of Tannins. Decaying vegetation in groundwater supplies can add Tannins to water. Tannins often leave a yellow or brown stain. Tannin Filters are effective at stopping stains and reducing color so your water stays clear! (Available in backwashing systems only.)

Nitrate Filter: Leaky septic tanks and fertilizer are common sources for Nitrate in water. Nitrate usually comes from human or animal waste, and could pose a health risk at high enough levels. If your water has high levels of Nitrates, a Nitrate Filter can fix your problems and help your water meet state health standards. (Available in backwashing systems only.)

Backwashing Whole House Filters

We carry different sizes of Backwashing Whole House Filters ranging from 10" to 72" tall.

These filters catch the contaminants in your water, and then periodically flush themselves out.

Each system features a controller that records your water usage history. This helps monitor system performance and remind you if service is needed.

The automatic backwash also keeps filter media much cleaner. This results in less maintenance, and usually a lower cost of ownership over the life of the system.

A Backwashing Whole House Filter can handle more water, with less pressure drop than a cartridge filter.

Whole House Cartridge Filters

Whole House Cartridge Filters

Whole House Cartridge Filters are a compact, lower cost alternative to our Backwashing Whole House Filters.

These systems are most commonly used for sediment and chlorine problems.

We carry several different sizes of Whole House Cartridge Filters. Larger filters have more surface area for improved filtration. They also have more loading capacity. This means you can run the filter longer before they load up and reduce water pressure.

Periodic filter cartridge replacement is necessary to maintain high quality water.